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radha rani barsana
Holi is a festival of colors and this festival tells us how to fill life with colors. Holi means gaiety. Celebrating Holi has a spiritual and traditional significance, so it connects us to every form of God. The celebration of Holi is incomplete without Radha-Krishna. Radha – Krishna, a unique combination of devotion and love.
Holi played in the Lord’s color would color us in his own color. Kanhaiya’s dark color means love’s color and Radha’s fair complexion is the color of devotion. By the way, the whole country is filled with colors of Holi, but if we talk about Nandgaon-Barsana, then the Holi here is unique in itself.
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Holi here is famous as “LathMar” Holi, since Lord Shri Krishna is from Nandgaon Radharani Barsana, Kanha ji with her cowherd’s Song Radha Rani and her friends Holi used to come to Barsana, that recognition continues even today. Therefore, according to belief, people here consider kinship in Nandgaon and Barsana and play Holi among themselves.

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On the first day, the men of Nandgaon come to play Holi with the women of Barsana, in which women welcome them with sticks. Women beat them with sticks on their heads to avoid which they keep a shield on their head, thus this Lathmar Holi is played. The next day the men there play Holi with each other. Thousands of people come here and play Holi in the traditional way . The temple complex is filled with colors and Abir Gulal, the child is seen swinging in the fun of Holi. The song – Music dance festival all around is such a wonderful sight.

Holi has a different feel here. Life has a pleasant feeling.

Come enjoy this festival of love and colors, world famous Luthmar Holi in Shree Dham Barsana –

List of festivities to be held at Shridham Barsana:

March 3 – Laddu holi time 4 to 6

March 4- Barsana Lattmar holi time 4 to 7 pm
5 March- Nandaga Lattmar holi time 4 to 7

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