When and how to celebrate what is Holi right?

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India is a country of festivals. Every festival has its own specialty, its own way and its own tradition. Like – Holi. Holi means color, gulaal i.e. euphoria, laughter – happiness, festival of love harmony. According to the Hindu calendar, Holi festival is celebrated on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Phalgun. Holika Dahan is done on the full moon date, and on the next day, Pratipada date hugs each other and congratulates and congratulates the old people. Forget Holi by going to each other’s house.
This time this festival is being celebrated on 9 March, Monday

Holika Dahan will take place on Monday, March 9, and Rang will play on Tuesday, March 10.

How Holi started:-
Although this festival lasts for 3 days, Sheetla Ashtami is considered the culmination of this festival. Holika Dahan is prominent on Holi. Holika Dahan is not just a mythology in the scriptures, but a proof that defines the deep love of the devotee and God The story goes like this. Two Asuras originated in India – Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. Both were brothers. Hiranyaksha was slaughtered by Lord Vishnu in the form of Varaha, due to which Hiranyakashipu began to dislike him. He declared himself to be God, he was worshiped in his kingdom. He had a son Prahlada who was an exclusive devotee of Lord Vishnu. He did not listen to his father, he kept on worshiping Lord Vishnu. Enraged by this, Hiranyakashipu tried to get his son killed many times, but each time he failed.

She then planned to kill her devotee Prahlada together with his sister Holika. Holika had a boon that fire could not burn her. According to plan Holika She sat in the fire with Prahlada. But by the grace of God nothing happened to Prahlada and Holika Was consumed in the same fire. Just then the discharge of Holika Dahan started becoming like tradition. It is believed that at the time of Holika Dahan, we burn all evils and pray to God with pure mind and wish everyone Mars.

In this way, preparation of Holika Dahan is done in big swing. Holika is burnt as per the Muhurta by cutting wood and giving it the form of Holika. In many places, dung cakes are put in during combustion. After that people meet each other after the puja parikrama. This time of Holika Dahan The auspicious time of the evening starts from 6.30 am to 8.45 pm.
There may be a slight change in the Muhurat according to the state and time.

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